…and Now I’m Back! From Outer Space!

Can we pretend I’m not quoting Gloria Gaynor lyrics and actually went to space? Because that would be a way cooler life update. Maybe. Though I am working on a certain space robot at work right now which is pretty darn cool.

Hey everyone, space was cool, just floated around doing cool space things while the earth floated out the window. How was Earth? Crappy? I’ve heard.

Unfortunately for my childhood aspiration of being an astronaut, my radio silence on here is less because of being off the planet and more because I’ve been crazy busy. And stressed. And full of anxiety for literally no reason.

Everything’s…… fine……. yeah…….. juuuuust great……

I’m trying to manage the metamorphosis of turning into a functioning adult. It’s mostly going alright.

I’ve stuck with running, and I’ll get back to running posts shortly. But I feel like in trying to write about my running life I can’t just leave out the rest of life because it’s all so intertwined. So time for a big list of what’s up!

Things I’ve Been Up To In No Order

  1. Getting engaged + planning a wedding
  2. Raising a dog
  3. Graduating with my Masters Degree
  4. Moving halfway across North America and still being unsure if I like it
  5. The soul-crushing hell of being unemployed
  6. Politics creeping its way into too much of my life and being sure I don’t like it
  7. Working at NASA and being sure I like (most of) it
  8. Way too much Facebook resulting in the great social media kinda-purge of 2017
  9. Managing diagnosed MDD and GAD through all of that, somehow
  10. Filling my kitchen, belly, and fiance’s belly with delicious GF food
  11. Returning to horseback riding after just over a decade
  12. Physical therapy to fix my partially-torn rotator cuffs
  13. Backpacking all over the place with my amazing fiance
  14. Robots. Robots everywhere
  15. Running the LA Marathon!

Boom! Updated. Phew.

So now that’s over with, and I can get back to posting about food, running and finishing up that new travel section I started. And BONUS I’ve got ANOTHER section (because why not) to put adventure notes in. Fiance and I (and possibly also my sister) are starting to get into lengthy outdoor excursions, and I like to keep journals while on those. It would be nice to have them digitized with associated pictures. Plus I found my old journal from when I went mountaineering in Alaska for a month in 2009, so look for that as my first adventure post. =)

I have no idea how to end this post, so here’s a mechanical computer powered by marbles. Ciao!

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