Shoe Review – Saucony Kinvara 4

Picture of saucony kinvara 4s

Used vs new. They’re still so bright!!

Price at my local running store: $100


  • Nice, big, toe-box = SO much room for activities
  • Thinner sole bends fairly easily for uphill forefoot running
  • Great ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist (4mm heel drop) design encourages a forefoot strike


  • Materials feel cheap, though after 700 miles they do still work
  • After about 650 miles the stiff heel parts wear through the shoe material and begin to start wearing through your ankle
  • You’ll notice this weird bulge under the ball of your foot the first few times you run in them. Not sure if this is really a con since it didn’t really hurt, but I noticed it. I guess this is more of a fun fact.

Mileage: First pair retired at ~700 miles after 2 races and marathon training. Second pair still going strong after ~100 miles and a marathon!

Bottom line: When  I first saw them, I was slightly turned off by the color. Pink/coral isn’t really my thing, and my local store only carries one color. Then I put them on.

And it felt like this.

Needless to say I’m currently embracing the pink/coral magical footwear, and am currently on my second pair.

One comment

  • It seems like 700 miles is a good lifespan for a pair of running shoes. I don’t put on that many miles but I think these saucony’s would be a good fit. Thanks for the review and good luck with your races!

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