NOLS Alaska Mountaineering – Day 4


Hello again!

Well today was exciting and it’s not even over. First we packed up our packs (which I’m getting better at) and hiked out of camp along an old ATV trail. We stopped and took a rest after an hour, so I ate some trail mix and a piece of Evan’s orange he offered. Oh yeah, we broke up into our tent groups to hike, and our leader was Jamie. Anyway we hiked around 2.5 miles in that hour, and then about another 2.5 in the next hour. While we walked we played the equivalent of car games (alphabet game, sing alongs, etc) as well as saw some incredible views!

Finally we ended up at this gigantic river that we had to cross. First I took a break to put some moleskin on my foot arches while some of the others scouted the river. Eventually we were ready to cross it, and it was FREEZING! I couldn’t feel from my knees down at one point, when the water got up to my waist.

I was a little wobbly with my pack on, but we all made it over and were all freezing. Next we set up camp and the kitchen and now we’re making dinner… PIZZA!

*in worse handwriting*

Well now I’m back and it’s totally freezing raining. It was funny that just putting on dry socks and getting in my sleeping bag felt like a professional spa. Also I hope you can read this… my hands haven’t thawed out yet!

Hmm what else? I still like my tent mates, but I think I’ll be ready for new ones at the re-ration. Some of the other campers are a bit nicer than these guys. Also today I got some time to think about how much I miss home and everyone there. It made me kinda sad, but I guess that will make the reunion at the airport even better.

See you tomorrow!

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