NOLS Alaska Mountaineering – Day 6



Today was incredible.

I had kitchen duty, so I had to get up really early, bring the kitchen near our tent, and boil water for our morning hot drinks. Next we toasted raisin bagels and got ready to hike.

We hiked four miles past a beautiful lake and mountain pass to the toe of the Macklaren glacier! I took tons of pictures all along the way. The other nice thing was that our hiking groups were different from our tent groups, so I got to meet people other than the ones in my tent. The hike was incredible, and this place is BEAUTIFUL!

We set up camp on the rocks at the edge of the glacier, and since we’re out of bear country, we can cook by the tent and bring food in here! So, I’m sitting here eating some of the starburst I’ve been saving.

Next we had class and learned how to put on our glacier harnesses, and tie different knots. It started sleetin gin the middle of the class, but it was ok since I’m becoming a master at staying dry and warm, and drying off stuff that gets wet. For dinner I just re-heated some of the pasta from last night since the guys wanted to have curry which I don’t really like.

After dinner, Ian and I climbed up a nearby mini-mountain (taller than a hill, but not quite a mountain. No snow!) and hung out. Then we hiked over to this beautiful waterfall that emptied into this incredibly clear and fresh river. It was sooooo pretty! Then when we got back to camp everyone but the instructors and a few others had gone on another hike, so I just sat with Ian and some of the ones who’d stayed behind and then came and started writing. I’m so excited because our instructors told us we’re going to leave camp where it is for the day tomorrow, and go climb our first snow-capped mountain in the morning! Yahoo!! I’ll be sure to bring back a rock like I said I would.

I still miss everyone loads, but it’s getting easier to be contact-less in the wilderness. I’m definitely sending a letter on the re-ration plane though. Well time for bed so I’ll have energy for tomorrow.

See ya!

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