NOLS Alaska Mountaineering – Day 8


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIANCA! I know I’m not there to celebrate it, but hopefully it was awesome.

Toady was pretty cool. We finally hiked onto the glacier, and walked about four miles up it. Along the way we found a bunch of deep crevasses, and these whirlpool tunnel holes we saw carved out by glaciers in Lucerne… crap forgot the word. Oh well! [The word I was looking for was moulin!]

Anyway, we also found a bear skull just sitting on a rock by our new campsite. Ahh!

The re-ration plane was supposed to come this afternoon, but it was too stormy so he has another chance tomorrow morning and afternoon.

We hiked into the nearby valley, by this huge, roaring, beautiful waterfall and set up camp. Oh and I drank some water from a glacial pool (with my face, like a dog! Haha), and it was the best tasting water ever. Even better than Fiji water!

So we set up camp and made this pasta for dinner and learned how the re-ration works. People have all sorts of jobs to make it go faster, for example I’m in charge of the butter and peanut-butter refills. For dessert we had raisin sugar biscuits, which were delicious! Especially with all this talk about food. Tomorrow we’re supposed to re-ration, and hopefully move up the glacier towards some paks to the west we’ll soon climb.

I love the natural part of this trip, but right now I hate it socially. Who thought I’d be stuck in the wilderness with a bunch of potheads?? Yuck! Every other conversation from these guys (especially two of my tentmates, so glad we change tent groups tomorrow) is either disrespecting women, talking about sex, or about drugs and how much they can drink. Today they even tried to smoke some fireweed (because of the name). ROFL. I hope they get headaches!

Okay that was mean, but really I’m so sick of being made fun of, and hearing things like “Wanna hear a joke? Women’s rights” All. Day. Every. Day. I want to come home, but I know I’ll be mad at myself if I do.

Yet again, thank goodness we change tent groups tomorrow. I’m sick of this.


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