NOLS Alaska Mountaineering – Day 9


Hey there!

Well the ration plane couldn’t come today since the pilot was backed up with others who he couldn’t get to in the past week’s storms, and because he was helping fight forest fires. So, we hiked up the glacier on pure ice, and set up camp on one of the rocky merrains. We gained a lot of elevation, and crossed quite a few crevasses.

The weather was okay, cold, kinda cloudy. I felt pretty good, but I can tell that by tomorrow I’ll be exhausted. We’re supposed to get onto snow covered glacier tomorrow, and possibly be working on camp and a snow landing strip for the pilot until 8pm, while we’re starting the day at 8am. We have just enough food to last us, but still I’m kinda worried.

My book is really good so far, and I’ve gotten pretty far into it. I don’t think I’ll be reading too much tonight though, since I’ll need all the sleep I can get.

The tent mates are being nicer. We REALLY butted heads tonight and agreed that since we have more nights together we probably shouldn’t hate each other.

Another thing I’m worried about is fuel. From now on we’ll be out of range of running water, and so we have to melt all our own water. I guess I’m just uncomfortable with the situation, but I’m sure this snow camp will be just as cool as I’ve heard.

The scenery here is BEAUTIFUL! We’re right by the cloudline, so you can see all of the weather up close and personal. Oh and to make camp we had to make a rock platform to put our tent on, and then tie down the tent. I took a picture of our platform since it was the most awesome of everybody’s ;).

Also today we learned how to tie up rope teams so we can travel on the snow covered glacier, complete with snowshoes. It should be cool, and definitely an interesting new experience.

Write back from the snow camp!


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