NOLS Alaska Mountaineering – Day 20


Hi there!

Well today was great and incredibly relaxing. I woke up around 8:30 and had some breakfast, and then soaked up the scenery and read. I was so happy too since my tent mates were nice enough to leave some hash browns in my bowl for before they left. I soaked up Divide Basin one last time (we leave tomorrow) and got 100 pages of my book read. I also took a short nap in the sun, did some yoga for my legs, and played a few rounds of cards. It was really nice and just what I needed for the hard days ahead. I feel very refreshed!


Once everyone got back (both peak groups had great times, and John and Jake fell into crevasses), I made everyone some fried rice for lunch, and then we had another chillout time before class. It was about 89 degrees again today, and most people went into tents. Knowing how hot those tents can get though, I opted for a rock overhang nearby that gave some shade. Jaime and Kai were smart and filled up one of the water drums and took showers on the other side of the ridge.

After class where we learned more first aid, John, Jake and I played another few rounds of rummy while pasta with marinara sauce cooked by the tent. Kai wanted to celebrate our mountaineering success, so she made a cake and shared it with the whole camp. It was yellow with chocolate icing and AMAZING.

Suddenly we heard thunder and turned to see this black thunderstorm coming directly towards us. So we quickly packed everything up and got in our tents before it started dumping rain. There was some lightning, but we didn’t need to worry about it hitting the tents (we were told; I still whooped at the close ones!). It’s still raining now, but I’m warm and dry in the tent so I’m happy. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s 6-7 mile hike through slush, but today’s rest definitely has me up for it!

Only 10 more days until I can call family, and 12 until our reunion! I’m so excited because I miss everyone and you all won’t believe how awesome this trip has been. The pictures are really cool, but actually being here is even more insane!

We do leave at 6am though which means I have to be up at 4. Therefore I’m gonna get some shuteye.



NOTES (7/8/09)

Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Four P’s
    • Protect yourself from body fluids
    • Pressure to control bleeding
      • Direct pressure (30 min max)
      • Upper arm and groin pressure points
      • Tourniquet (last resort)
    • Prevent infection (flush with 1L water)
    • Promote healing (bandage)
  • Top soft tissue injuries on a NOLS course: cuts and burns
    • Don’t irrigate a puncture wound
    • Tape down bandaid, use gauze pads too
    • Burns need second skin
    • Change bandages daily
    • Remove what’s burning & cool burn FIRST
    • Don’t pop blisters on burns
    • If the burn is >9% of body or goes all the way around an area (wrist, ankle, etc) evac is needed
    • Always take off any jewelry or watches if burn is nearby
  • How do you tell if there’s an infection?
    • Puss/runny
    • Red streaks starting from wound (REALLY BAD)
    • Excessive redness
    • Heat & swelling
  • How do you treat an infection?
    • Antibiotics
    • Clean it out
    • Hot compress for 20-30 mins daily

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